I Am My Cat's Bitch (northern_light) wrote in green_daze,
I Am My Cat's Bitch

I am conducting a study on current popular music, and I would be extremely grateful to anyone who is willing to quickly answer a few questions. Please feel free to respond anonymously.

Because you are a member of this community, it’s obvious that you are a fan of Green Day. My aim is to find out what exactly it is about the band that you find appealing.

What is your age?

Are you male or female?

Are you a fan of their musical sound/lyrics?

What is it about their musical style that you find appealing?

Do you find any of the band members attractive in any way?

If so, do you find them physically attractive? Do you find their personalities attractive?

Does their fame affect your attraction in any way?

Does the fact that they are musicians have any effect on your attraction?

In general, do you find men who play instruments, sing, or are otherwise artistically inclined, appealing?
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