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1,000 Hours (Black 7”)
Slappy (Green 7”)

39/Smooth (Black 12” 1st pressing)
39/Smooth (Black 12”)

Kerplunk! (CD)
Kerplunk! (Black 12”)

Live at Gilman St. (Black 7”)

9362-45529-1 (Black 12”)
9362-45813-1 (Green 12”)
9362-45529-1 (Pink 12”)
9362-45529-4 (Cassette)

PRO-CD-6913-R (CD)
PRO-CD-6745 (CD)
PRO-CD-6856 (CD)
9362-41602-2 ( CD Australian sleeve)
9362-41602-2 (CD German + Sticker)
9362-41606-2 WO247CD (CD)
9362-43501-2 WO287CDX (CD)
9362-41999-2 WO287CD (CD)
0-41656 (GREEN 12”)
5439-17906-7 WO287 (X) (Black 7” + Stickers
5439-17906-7 WO287 (X) (Black 7” - Stickers)
5439-18144-7 WO247 (Black 7”)

Welcome To Paradise:
PRO-CD-7202 (CD)
9362-43579-2 (CD Australian sleeve)
9362-41824-2 WO269CD FRANCEWE739 WO269CD (CD)
9362-41824-2 WO269CD Made in UK for dist. In Australia (CD)
9362-41826-2 W0269CDX (#17871) (CD)
5439-18017-4 WO269C (Cassette)
9362-41821-0 WO269T (Green 12”)


Basket Case:
PRO-CD-6917 (CD)
9362-41774-2 W0257CD1(CD Australia Sleeve)
9362-41774-2 W0257CD2 (CD Germany)
9362-41723-2 W0257CD (#05519) (CD)
9362-41903-2 WO279CDX (CD)
9362-41901-2 WO279CD FRANCE WE739 (CD)
9362-41723-2 W0257CD (CD)
5439-18076-7 W0257 (Green 7” + Poster)
5439-17941-7 7-17941 (Black 7” Juke Box single)
5439-17965-7 W0279X (Black 7” + Poster)
5439-17965-7 W0279X (Green 7” + Poser)
5439-17965-4 WO279C (Cassette)

When I Come Around:
PRO-CD-7205 (CD)
9362-41908-2 (CD Australia)
9362-43528-2WO294CD (CD Germany)
5439-17865-4 WO294C (Cassette)
5439-17941-7 7-17941 (Black 7” Juke Box single)
5439-17865-7 WO294X (#3636 and #3143) (Picture 7”)

Live Tracks WPCR-204

Picker A Winner
Black 7” Promo

Berkley Block Buster:
Black 7”
White 7”
Purple 7”

9362-46046-1 (Black 12”)
9362-46046-1 (Black 12” Promo)
9362-46218-2 (CD Tour Pack)
9362-46046-4 (Cassette)

Stuck With Me:
9362-43634-2 w0327cd1 (CD)
9362-43641-2 w0327cd2 (CD)
9362-43634-9 WE C795 (CD)
9362-43634-2 WE 739 (CD)
5439-17703-4 W0327C (Cassette)

Geek Stink Breath:
PRO-CD-7866 (CD)
9362-43613-2 WO320CD (CD Purple France)
9362-43613-2 WO320CD (CD Orange Germany )
9362-43613-2 (CD red in sleeve)
5439-17733-4 WO320C (Cassette)
5439-17728-7 WO320X (Red 7“)
5439-17728-8 W0230X (Black 7”)

Brain Stew/Jaded
PRO-CD-7895 (CD)
9362-43686-2 WE739 (German CD)
9362-43686-2 (Made in Germany for Australian dist.)
9362-43702-2 WE833 WO339CDX (Brain-shaped CD)
5439-17647-4 LC0322 WO 339C (Cassette)

Walking Contradiction:
PRO-CD-8281-R (CD)
PRO-CD-8279 (Orange CD)

Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking
9362-46396-2 WE 833 (Domestic CD)
WPCR-789 (Japanese import CD)

Green Day Box Set:
Green Day Key Chain

Foot In Mouth
WPCR-1110 (#0073108) (CD)

CD 2Pack
WPCR-10088 (Foot In Mouth)
WPCR-10089 (Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking)

9362-47306-2 (3255-80004-6) (Australian Nimrod +5bonus)
#2/4-46794 Bits Of Nimrod. (Cassette Promo)
9362-46794-4 BM1611 (Cassette)

Nice Guys Finish Last:
9362-44610-2 (CD)

Hitchin’ A Ride:
PRO-CD-9004 (CD)
9362-43945-2 (Australian CD)
9362-43945-2 WO424CD WE 739 (German CD)
5439-17280-4 LC0322 WO424C (Cassette)

PRO-CD-9279-R (CD)
9362-46965-2 (Australian CD)
9362-44516-2 WO438CD1 WE739) (CD)
9362-44514-2 WO438CD2 WE739) (CD)

Good Riddance/Time of Your Life:
PRO-CD-9103 (CD)
9362-43976-2 W0430CD1 FRANCE WE739 (CD)
9362-43972-2 W0430CD2 FRANCE WE739 (CD)
9362-43974-2 (CD Australia sleeve)
9362-43971-2 WE 739 (CD German)
5439-17255-4WO430C/LC0322 (Cassette)

Prosthetic Head:
PRCD 937 (CD Promo Germany)

Take2 Original Albums Box Sex:
9362-45529-2 Dookie CD
9362-47306-2 Australian Nimrod CD

9362-47613-2 (CD)
9362-47613-4 (Cassette)
9362-48038-2 (Limited Edition CD)
5522-23001-2 A012 (Green 12”)

PRO-CDR-100453 (CD)
9362-44958-2 W548CD1 WE739 (CD France)
9362-44959-2 W548CD2 WE739 (CD France)
94367-402138-3 WPCR-10852 (CD Japan)
AR014 (Yellow 7”)

W570DVD 7599-38560-2 (CD/DVD Germany)
9362-42387-2 (Domestic CD, misprinted track list)
AR019 (Pink 7”)

PR 02140 (CD)
Pro-Cd-100332 (CD)
9362-44931-2 (CD Germany)
AR013 (Black 7”)
AR013 (Green 7”)
AR013 (Red/Peach 7”)

9362-48208-1 (Blue 12”)
9362-48208-2 (Advance promo CD)

International Superhits:
SAM00552 (Album Sampler)

Pop rocks & Coke:
9436-740290-7 WPCR-11121 (CD Japan)

Tune In Tokyo:
9436-740248-4 WPCR-10973 (CD Japan)

American Idiot:
9436-740571-8 WPCR-12106-7 (CD Japan)
9436-740571-8 WPCR-12106-7 (CD Japan but with bonus inserts/stickers)
9362-49405-2 (CD Thailand)
9362-48850-2 (CD + Book)
9362-48777-1 (Black 12”)

American Idiot:
5439-16385-2 16385-2 (CD)
5439-16380-7 (Picture 7”)

Jesus of Suburbia:
PRO15625 LC00322 (CD)
PRO15625 LC00322 (CD + Sticker)
7599-38664-2 W691DVD (CD/DVD)
5439-15872-2 W691CD (CD)
936242863-0 (Yellow 10”)

5493-16097-2 W664CD1 (CD)
9362-48777-2 (Picture 7”)

Boulevard of Broken Dreams:
PRO15112 LC0032 (CD)
PRO15112 LC0032 (CD + Sticker)
54391-6147-2 W659CD1 (CD)
9362-42769-2 W659CD2 (CD)

American Idiot:
Wake Me Up When September Ends:
PRO15450 (CD + Sticker)
5439-16013-2 W674CD1 (CD)
9362-42816-2 (CD)
9362-42816-2 LC00322 (CD + Sticker)
5439-16013-7 (Picture 7”)

Bullet With A Bible
9362-49466-2 (CD/DVD)

(These are all silver pressed/professionally mass-produced CD’s)
Radio Daze
Boring Days in Paradise
More Boring Days In Paradise
Green Power
Having A Blast
Egocentric Plastic Men
Woodstock 94 And Much Much More
Teenage Rampage

I posted this on a few Green Day forums, and I gotta tell you, some of the mods on those sites are TOTAL fucking assholes.

The 2 that were the WORST were the idiot club forums (netty is a stupid fuck and always has been) and andres from greendayauthority.com (he has some sort of vendetta against me)

so if you are a member of those forums and dont see the posts, is because those bitches deleted them..
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do you have any of these items still for sale?
if you do email me dawn.wilcox1@gmail.com
Agreed onn the Netty front. I have had the displeasure of meeting her and she is just as stupid in real life.


February 9 2012, 08:04:11 UTC 5 years ago

still have items to sell? Email: renatolsml@hotmail.com
Yup, and i emailed you :)


April 10 2012, 09:25:49 UTC 5 years ago

Hey, can you send an update of your list for me, please? My email is felipe_sbardelini@hotmail.com

That is the updated list.
Hi, are some of these items still available? I'm interested in a few of them :)
up. They are available, but i do not accept paypal.

I accept money orders, though! :)

Paypal is not secure.
What about a bank transfer? Only because I've never used a money order before :)
Nope. Not giving anyone direct access to my bank account.

I'm not stupid.

Money orders are easy and traceable. Very safe.
Ya tbh I wouldn't be very comfortable either. I think I'm gonna have to pass I'm afraid, I asked a few of my friends about money orders and they said they'd much prefer Paypal. Sorry, but best of luck selling this stuff!
Paypal is easier/more convenient. But less secure.
Money orders are less convenient, but much more secure.

The only reason you would have not to be comfortable is if you were looking to steal from me via Paypal.

How exactly would I steal from you? I was very interested in a few of your items. I've paid alot of money for rare Green Day items and was willing to do the same again, but you've accused me of being a thief. No wonder your threads were deleted from GDC and the IC. You're an asshole.
You wont buy them unless I give you access to my bank account via bank transfer or Paypal.

Paypal is not secure. And you only wish to use Paypal.

The threads were deleted from GDC and IC because selling items, at the time, was against the rules. But it was/is a stupid rule and I ignored it to offer amazing deals to fellow fans.

I'm an asshole -- with the items you want. I'm an asshole, that wants to offer fair and SAFE deals. Yup. I'm SUCH an asshole.

Bye :)
Hello. I know this is an older post, but i was wondering if you still might have any of these items for sale. If they are, please let me know, because Id be really interested in buying a few of them. My email is: grob886@comcast.net. And Greenday_freak27@aol.com Thanks a lot