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First off, I'd like to say I'm not trying to scam the band or anyone involved, including any of you.

I need to get rid of some of my green day collection. Some of the stuff, I want to get rid of because It doesnt have much "value" to me any longer. It just sits there. I dont want these gems to just waste away and not get enjoyed. I also would like to avoid selling them on eBay, because for all I know, it's just another business buying stuff and will put them on their website for twice as much. I'd rather sell to fans that will appreciate the items.

I know that there are a couple old school fans as well as a whole lot of new comers here, so I want to give you all first dibs on the stuff I'm getting rid of. There are A LOT of CDs and a bunch of vinyl. Some stuff I have, I'm not getting rid of, I.E. my Skene#10 and some of the older stuff. But if you see something you want, make me an offer!

Everything has been in a sealed plastic slip, as seen here: http://www.sleevetown.com/images/mylar-cd-sleeve.jpg

Everything has original cases/stickers and is in excellent condition.

So, if you are interested in something in particular, send me an email @ JezusOfSuburbia@yahoo.com with what you are looking for and how much you'd be willing to pay (not including S&H) I will let you know/send pictures if you want/ and then we can go from there.

Please, serious inquiries only..

Skene #10 (black 7”)

1,000 Hours (Black 7”)
Slappy (Green 7”)

39/Smooth (Black 12” 1st pressing)
39/Smooth (Black 12”)

Kerplunk! (CD)
Kerplunk! (Black 12”)

Live at Gilman St. (Black 7”)

9362-45529-1 (Black 12”)
9362-45813-1 (Green 12”)
9362-45529-1 (Pink 12”)
9362-45529-4 (Cassette)

PRO-CD-6913-R (CD)
PRO-CD-6745 (CD)
PRO-CD-6856 (CD)
9362-41602-2 ( CD Australian sleeve)
9362-41602-2 (CD German + Sticker
9362-41606-2 WO247CD (CD)
9362-43501-2 WO287CDX (CD)
9362-41999-2 WO287CD (CD)
0-41656 (GREEN 12”)
5439-17906-7 WO287 (X) (Black 7” + Stickers
5439-17906-7 WO287 (X) (Black 7” - Stickers)
5439-18144-7 WO247 (Black 7”)

Welcome To Paradise:
PRO-CD-7202 (CD)
9362-43579-2 (CD) < CD Australian Sleeve >
9362-41824-2 WO269CD FRANCEWE739 WO269CD (CD)
9362-41824-2 WO269CD Made in UK for dist. In Australia (CD)
9362-41826-2 W0269CDX (#17871) (CD)
5439-18017-4 WO269C (Cassette)
9362-41821-0 WO269T (Green 12”)

Basket Case:
PRO-CD-6917 (PRO CD)
9362-41774-2 W0257CD1(CD Australia Sleeve)
9362-41774-2 W0257CD2 (CD Germany)
9362-41723-2 W0257CD (#05519) (CD)
9362-41903-2 WO279CDX (CD)
9362-41901-2 WO279CD FRANCE WE739 (CD)
9362-41723-2 W0257CD (CD)
5439-18076-7 W0257 (Green 7” + Poster)
5439-17941-7 7-17941 (Black 7” Juke Box single)
5439-17965-7 W0279X (Black 7” + Poster)
5439-17965-7 W0279X (Green 7” + Poser)
5439-17965-4 WO279C (Cassette)

When I Come Around:
PRO-CD-7205 (CD)
9362-41908-2 (CD Australia)
9362-43528-2WO294CD (CD Germany)
5439-17865-4 WO294C (Cassette)
5439-17941-7 7-17941 (Black 7” Juke Box single)
5439-17865-7 WO294X (#3636 and #3143) (Picture 7”)

Live Tracks WPCR-204 (CD)

Picker A Winner:
Black 7” Promo

Berkley Block Buster:
Black 7”
White 7”
Purple 7”

9362-46046-1 (Black 12”)
9362-46046-1 (Black 12” Promo)
9362-46218-2 (CD Tour Pack)
9362-46046-4 (Cassette)

Stuck With Me:
9362-43634-2 w0327cd1 (CD)
9362-43641-2 w0327cd2 (CD)
9362-43634-9 WE C795 (CD)
9362-43634-2 WE 739 (CD)
5439-17703-4 W0327C (Cassette)

Geek Stink Breath:
PRO-CD-7866 (CD)
9362-43613-2 WO320CD (CD Purple France)
9362-43613-2 WO320CD (CD Orange Germany )
9362-43613-2 (CD red in sleeve)
5439-17733-4 WO320C (Cassette)
5439-17728-7 WO320X (Red 7“)
5439-17728-8 W0230X (Black 7”)

Brain Stew/Jaded
PRO-CD-7895 (CD)
9362-43686-2 WE739 (German CD)
9362-43686-2 (Made in Germany for Australian dist.)
9362-43702-2 WE833 WO339CDX (Brain-shaped CD)
5439-17647-4 LC0322 WO 339C (Cassette)

Walking Contradiction:
PRO-CD-8281-R (CD)
PRO-CD-8279 (Orange CD)

Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking
9362-46396-2 WE 833 (Domestic CD)
WPCR-789 (Japanese import CD)

Green Day Box Set:
Green Day Key Chain

Foot In Mouth
WPCR-1110 (#0073108) (CD)

CD 2Pack:
WPCR-10088 (Foot In Mouth)
WPCR-10089 (Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking)

9362-47306-2 (3255-80004-6) (Australian Nimrod +5bonus)
#2/4-46794 Bits Of Nimrod. (Cassette Promo)$10.00USD
9362-46794-4 BM1611 (Sealed Cassette)$10.00USD

Nice Guys Finish Last:
9362-44610-2 (CD)

Hitchin’ A Ride:
PRO-CD-9004 (CD)
9362-43945-2 (Australian CD)
9362-43945-2 WO424CD WE 739 (German CD)
5439-17280-4 LC0322 WO424C (Cassette)

PRO-CD-9279-R (CD)
9362-46965-2 (Australian CD)
9362-44516-2 WO438CD1 WE739) (CD)
9362-44514-2 WO438CD2 WE739) (CD)

Good Riddance/Time of Your Life:
PRO-CD-9103 (CD)
9362-43976-2 W0430CD1 FRANCE WE739 (CD)
9362-43972-2 W0430CD2 FRANCE WE739 (CD)
9362-43974-2 (CD Australia sleeve)
9362-43971-2 WE 739 (CD German)
5439-17255-4WO430C/LC0322 (Cassette)

Prosthetic Head:
PRCD 937 (CD Promo Germany)

Take2 Original Albums Box Sex:
9362-45529-2 Dookie CD
9362-47306-2 Australian Nimrod CD

9362-47613-2 (CD)
9362-47613-4 (Cassette)
9362-48038-2 (Limited Edition CD)
5522-23001-2 A012 (Green 12”)

PRO-CDR-100453 (CD)
9362-44958-2 W548CD1 WE739 (CD France)
9362-44959-2 W548CD2 WE739 (CD France)
94367-402138-3 WPCR-10852 (CD Japan)
AR014 (Yellow 7”)

W570DVD 7599-38560-2 (CD/DVD Germany)
9362-42387-2 (Domestic CD, misprinted track list)
AR019 (Pink 7”)

PR 02140 (CD)
Pro-Cd-100332 (CD)
9362-44931-2 (CD Germany)
AR013 (Black 7”)
AR013 (Green 7”)
AR013 (Red/Peach 7”)

9362-48208-1 (Blue 12”)
9362-48208-2 (Advance promo CD)$30.00USD

International Superhits:
SAM00552 (Album Sampler)

Pop rocks & Coke:
9436-740290-7 WPCR-11121 (CD Japan)

International Supervideos:
7599-38550-2 (DVD)

Tune In Tokyo:
9436-740248-4 WPCR-10973 (CD Japan)

Pogo Paradise:
2356-45007-9 (DVD)

American Idiot (album):
9436-740571-8 WPCR-12106-7 (CD Japan)
9436-740571-8 WPCR-12106-7 (CD Japan but with bonus inserts/stickers)
9362-49405-2 (CD Thailand)
9362-48850-2 (CD + Book)
9362-48777-1 (Black 12”)

American Idiot:
5439-16385-2 16385-2 (CD)
5439-16380-7 (Picture 7”)

Jesus of Suburbia:
PRO15625 LC00322 (CD)
PRO15625 LC00322 (CD + Sticker)
7599-38664-2 W691DVD (CD/DVD)
5439-15872-2 W691CD (CD)
936242863-0 (Yellow 10”)

5493-16097-2 W664CD1 (CD)
9362-48777-2 (Picture 7”)

Boulevard of Broken Dreams:
PRO15112 LC0032 (CD)
PRO15112 LC0032 (CD + Sticker)
54391-6147-2 W659CD1 (CD)
9362-42769-2 W659CD2 (CD)

Wake Me Up When September Ends:
PRO15450 (CD + Sticker)
5439-16013-2 W674CD1 (CD)
9362-42816-2 (CD)
9362-42816-2 LC00322 (CD + Sticker)
5439-16013-7 (Picture 7”)

Suburbia Bomb:
7296-70042-9 (DVD)

Bullet With A Bible
9362-49466-2 (CD/DVD)

American Idiot Critical Review:
2388-00191-9 (DVD)

(These are all silver pressed/professionally mass-produced CD’s)
Radio Daze
Boring Days in Paradise
More Boring Days In Paradise
Green Power
Having A Blast
Egocentric Plastic Men
Woodstock 94 And Much Much More
Teenage Rampage

I have between 5-10 items new to my collection each month, so it grows. This is as of 5/31/2006 :) Remember, not everything on this list is for sale, but if you see something you are interested in, make an offer!

Serious offers only please.
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