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Alright Livejournal!

This is a new community, for anyone who likes Green Day. Here, you can share your love for the band with a bunch of other people. Now that's what I call fun! Anything is welcome... OK, almost anything. Yes, I know it sucks, but there have to be a few short rules.


~ This community is maintained by billie_joe and bruisedegomania so if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us on the address above or come looking for us =)
~ Pretty much anything is allowed, lyrics, fan stories, news, views... if you have something to share go right ahead!
~ Rarrrr! Post any of the following, and we'll ridicule you publicly. And ban you. [Racist remarks, Homophobic remarks, Sexist remarks, mindless flaming spam]. No, we don't care if you think Green Day suck. The chances are, we think you suck.

There you go. Have fun... and stay in the minority!

One more thing...if you have any complaints about this community, write them
<input ... > <----- here</input>

Yes, we know they don't go anywhere. We don't care.
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